for the first time in our married lives, robert and i were away from each other for two whole nights while he was at a work conference. and apparently, i don’t function when my best friend is not around. in two days, i managed to break a mercury thermometer, the cleanup of which involved ripping out part of the carpet and baseboard, and ruin one of the tires on our car. minor items such as breaking a saw i’ll just not mention.

but tonight i am driving up to colorado to meet him, and there our grand adventure will begin: a whirlwind three weeks spent tough mudding in colorado, conferencing and friend-visiting in virginia, and then a glorious 8 days of adventuring in iceland for an early anniversary trip.

right now, i feel mostly tired and ready for preparations to be over. . . and above all, ready to see my beloved again. but more and more, i am growing excited to begin our grand adventure, and excited for the stories and pictures and memories that we will collect on the way.

‘gathering stories. . . the story, it belongs to you. . .’

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