‘”what makes the desert beautiful,” the little prince said, “is that it hides a well somewhere…”‘

you were curious about what it would be like, living in the high desert. used as you were to wine country, rolling hills covered in vineyards, oaks, and redwoods, you were not certain what you would think about living in a land of angles–vertical mountains, flat valleys, cactus spines and box-like buildings. you knew that, whatever you found, you would make it your home. but you didn’t know how easy it would be to make your home among the harsh angles, or much you would like it once you had. you didn’t know this, because you didn’t know that wells come in all shapes and sizes. they look different to each person.

but here you are, in your desert home, and you have found your well…or rather, he found you, and brought you here. you see, your well has dark hair and eyes that never seem to know what color they are. your well has strong hands, hands that wear your ring and open your doors and hold your hand and sometimes wipe away your tears. this is your well, and because of him your desert is beautiful beyond comparison. because of him, the stars pour out water for you to drink and you know the sound of footsteps that are different from all the rest.

you once drove through this desert, years ago, when he was only the name of a friend’s brother whom you had never met, and you thought this desert was the ugliest place you had ever seen. you thought that the land of enchantment was called that because it was under a spell, waiting for the return of the prince to set it free. perhaps that was only because you drove through the wrong part of it…but i think there is a better explanation than this. i think that it was ugly because for you there was no well as yet, and because the prince had not come. now your desert hides a well. the spell is broken. and so, now, this place that is a desert is a beautiful place full of light, adventure, and the most glorious of sunrises and sunsets. what makes the desert beautiful is that it hides, not just a well, but your well…your very own.

‘”hear that?” said the little prince. “we’ve awakened this well and it’s singing…”‘

(from “the little prince” by alexander de saint-exupery)

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