In case you haven’t noticed, carving out the time to write is pretty low on the priority list for me right now.

I’ve had something better to do, and that is…be humbled.

By many things.  By the incredible generosity of the body of Christ.  This last Saturday we held an open house boutique in order to raise funds for our adoption.  We sold all kinds of hand-crafted items which either we or generous friends had made.  The only tags in the house had our web address on them in case people wanted to special-order any items — not prices.  We wanted the event to be totally pressure-less for other people and we wanted to trust God to provide for what He knew our needs to be.  We didn’t have any idea of what to expect, but we hoped that we might make about $250.

When we counted up that evening, there was well over $900 in the box.

And right now there are tears in my eyes because I am lost for words at the love which our brothers and sisters in Christ poured out on us on Saturday.  My family is so thankful, so very much in awe at your generosity…I don’t even know what else to say but: thank you.


I am humbled by many things.  By my own inability to do anything apart from Christ.  By the way in which a cold, a College Math CLEP, an adoption fundraiser, and an insanely busy week can reduce me to an exhausted ghost of myself.

Over the past week, swamped in logarithms, baby hats, cleaning house, babysitting, and the most stressful testing experience yet I discovered Sandra McCracken’s beautifully encouraging music.  Particularly the songs In Feast or Fallow,  Shelter, and Jeremy Riddle’s Sweetly Broken along with were comforting to me as I studied past midnight the night before my test.

Yesterday, realizing that I could very possibly fail my math CLEP, I went in to the testing center.  I came out an hour and a half later, blown away by the condescension of God.  Not only did He not allow me to fail, He enabled me to achieve one of my highest scores yet…and this on a test for which I had very little study time and very little natural affinity.

Oh, yes, I’ve been busy being humbled.  It’s a process and it’s not exactly pleasant, but it is precious.  It’s beautiful because in my weakness, the power that is always Christ’s is more evident, more deeply revealed.  And that is both humbling and comforting.

In the harvest feast or the fallow ground, my certain hope is in Jesus found.  We will find shelter there.  Praise the Lord!

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