Homemade sourdough bread has been a big part of life lately.  A dear friend gave us the starter (whom we dubbed Jon Dough) and a recipe for no-knead bread.

I’m blessed to teach piano to five awesome students each week.  Four lessons on one day, however, is tough on the throat!  You’re talking for two hours straight…it gives me a new-found respect for my piano teachers who have/had up to thirty students per week!

I’ve been in love lately with brown paper packages, wax paper envelopes, parchment-paper-wrapped flowers, bows of twine and bright stationary.

This is a little bit of life…the pictures are a little fuzzy because WordPress is still fighting me.  But you know…even that’s life.  It’s a little fuzzy-feeling sometimes.  But Christ is sufficient, and more than sufficient.  He is terrifyingly holy, gloriously righteous, surpassingly beautiful, and I am wonderstruck that He has chosen to work through me, to bring Himself glory through His strength and might in me.  I am in awe at His love…like Sandra McCracken says, “love is an ocean and I am a tiny cup.”  I can’t hold it all.

But He can.

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